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Founder John J. II Spring Interest Group Statement 1/9/18

Official 2018 Statement for Alpha Delta Lambda; J

The following statement comes from the founder of ADL. 
I’ve seen forefathers of generations start and build fraternal organizations from the ground up. Throughout history great men have founded and established fraternities that still remain prominent to this day. Certain colleges are associated with specific fraternities that have chapters all over the world. I want to carry on a similar legacy with this fraternity, and I’ll do so by giving it my all. I’d like to introduce our three pillars that were first made visible last night in our Facebook profile picture’s emblem. I also posted this emblem in our ADL closed group page. These pillars include Identity, Leadership, and Diligence. All of these pillars are important in their own ways specifically. In another statement I will go over these pillars in more depth. Per request, information regarding the types of members we will be accepting/ inviting goes as follows: We will be accepting majors in, Law, Medicine (Pre-med, nursing, etc.), Business, Political Science/ Pre-law, and Engineering. We are also accepting those with majors within the entire umbrella of social science. We will also be looking to add some finance and accounting majors to help out with balance sheets and what not. A mass email is pending and email lists are made to announce our spring rush. Certain events are in the works, as well as a meet and greet once the masses have been alerted. I’m looking for a rush class of 25+ students, though the email will be sent to many more students than that. I’m still looking for advisory positions within the fraternity, preferably people that go to MSU for convenience purposes. All others currently in ADL please consult with me if you’d like to take on an advisory related role. As far as non-MSU rush pledges go, they are accepted through my approval, but only in special cases. As of now we are not attached to MSU Greek Life, we are unattached, which means we have a little more leniency when it comes to events, rushes, members, etc. I’d like to start planning some fundraising events to gain us some notoriety around campus. To get our name out there I want to do an event on campus with at least 5 brothers there and possibly a local news source’s recognition, (i.e. the State News, or ING magazine). We can also volunteer at an animal shelter, or soup kitchen. These kind deeds get us noticed and open doors for us to do other things, as well as growing as prominent individuals. That’s our first step, once we’re on the map and doing things around the community, we can start planning events, parties, bar nights, etc. that can assist us in getting our name out there. Soon people will be saying, “What’s ADL?” This process is going to take work and participation, that’s why this interest group is important. Let’s face it, in your busy lives you may not be able to give it your full attention. Most of you guys live in the Flint area, which could make it difficult to make it to EL multiple times a week, I get that. Just please give me all you can. Facebook, twitter, etc. Stay in contact. Usually there will be days we can agree on to participate in events, and East Lansing isn’t too far from Flint anyways. Just show me that you have a passion for this, because I notice those types of things. When the spring rush occurs I will hopefully have members in place to assist me here if my interest group (you guys) are unable to do so for any reason. I’m greatly excited to embark on this journey, as we barely got anything done last semester. I was very busy with classes last semester which made it hard to plan certain things regarding ADL. I figured I’d wait till the New Year anyway to get the ball rolling with this. Please message me personally or via the ADL Facebook page (this page) with any questions regarding this message and or the future of ADL.
PS. I know I may have left out certain details you may be still wondering about. Message me, let’s talk. You might bring something up to me that has slipped my mind! Other aspects of ADL are still in the works. Think of this as a big project with multiple components and moving parts. I’m doing all we can to get this thing moving. I’m looking forward on taking on this challenge with you guys.
Remember, "αδελφότητα"!


Founder - ADL

Update: 8/20/2018

Summer is ending soon, and this means recruitment is about to begin. Sparticipation, a career and student organization event will be one of our biggest recruitment opportunities. Fall move-in for incoming freshmen will also be a great opportunity to recruit new members to our fraternity. Stay tuned for more updates in the coming days.


Founder - ADL

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