The Alpha Delta Lambda Fraternity (AΔΛ) is a Law and Business-based fraternity founded in East Lansing, Michigan, with roots in The Philippines' University of the East and University of Santo Tomas, Manila. Inspired by Pre-Law and Political ideals at UST in 1879, a new Law & Business fraternity has finally broken ground in the United States. Graduates from UST collaborated with Law students at U.E. in the early 1900s to form an elite group of politicians, lawmakers, and philanthropists. From there, the Deltans were formed. Founded and reestablished in October of 1961, the Deltans continue to promote strong academics along with rooted morals and values. The legacy continues to live on as Deltans all over the globe work hard to show respect to those who have came before us in their professions. From the Deltans, we've grown to form Alpha Delts. With ideals and morals from individuals who have came before us, we've grown to form a new organization promoting the prosper and well being of those in our communities. Our goals and missions are rooted in our pillars. Brothers associating with ADL are taught to live their lives through these pillars to learn and grow as prominent individuals. ADL has grown to promote not only Law & Business related majors, but all stem and public service majors.

"Keep Close the Pillars, for they are what keep us together. Long Live ADL."

†Official Coat of Arms; Alpha Delta Lambda Fraternity

Founded: August, 10, 2017 in East Lansing, MI
Type: University
Scope: Michigan State University and beyond.
Pillars: Identity, Leadership, Diligence
Motto: Brotherhood, with undying reverence "αδελφότητα με αθώα ευλάβεια"
Colors: Crimson, Green
Symbol: Coat of Arms
Chapters: Alpha Chapter; Michigan State University (2017), Michigan Tech University (2018)
Headquarters: Michigan State University - East Lansing, Michigan
Website: www.alphadelts.org